Hele Wireless Broadband by Mobi PCS

Hele is Here!

Introducing Hele Wireless Broadband - a mobile broadband connection that lets you take the Internet with you! Give your laptop a launch pad. Imagine connecting anywhere you feel like - no more confining and unsecured hotspots, out-of-reach signals, or restrictive wires. With Hele everyone in the family can have their own personal broadband connection that goes with them anywhere they go. It's just you, the internet, and the wide-open possibilities. Forget about installation fees and running cables around your house. Hele plugs into your desktop or laptop.

Hele lets you connect via CDMA EV-DO Rev. A, the latest 3GPP2 standard cellular technology utilizing a packet-based network backend structure unconstrained by circuit-switched network restrictions. What that really means is that you can get on the Internet at high speeds in your pajamas or swimsuit, no matter where that may be.

For Hele Wireless Broadband questions/concerns: helesupport@mobipcs.com or call 808.723.1111